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InfinniPlatform is an infrastructure framework designed to solve several most common problems when you try to build a scalable web-application. For example, authentication and authorization, data storage, caching, logging, messaging, push notification and etc. It offers to a developer a unified solution which covers majority of challenges the developer may encounter while working on the project. Ready-to-use infrastructure is what makes the platform tick right out of the box.

InfinniPlatform is a cross-platform open source project based on .NET Core and well integrated with ASP.NET Core. Moreover, InfinniPlatform was designed as set of loosely coupled flexible components so that you can use them separately. In our work we use the most modern and advanced industry-grade open source components such as MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ and etc. This approach ensures you avoid vendor lock-in for the core parts of both middleware and application. It is worth noting, however, that flexibility of the framework allows you using any other components.

This solution is distributed under AGPLv3 license which means you may use it free of charge and exceptionally all components employed are free to use as well to all.

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